544 Camp St. / 531 Lafayette St., New Orleans & One Eyed Jacks

Lee Harvey Oswald’s brief residency in New Orleans and his arrest after an incident on Canal Street in August of 1963 became the central link in famed District Attorney Jim Garrison’s trial of Clay Shaw for his part in a plot to assassinate John F. Kennedy. Arrested for disturbing the peace after an altercation stemming from Oswald passing out pro-Castro leaflets on Canal Street, the point of interest is that Oswald’s leaflets were stamped with the address 544 Camp Street. Years after the Kennedy assassination, the FBI’s Guy Bannister’s assault of Jack Martin on the day of Kennedy’s death received a second look. Days after JFK’s death and his own assault, Martin reported to authorities that Bannister and Oswald among others were involved in a conspiracy to kill the President based on their outrage of his peace attempts with Cuba following a botched Bay of Pigs invasion. Bannister’s claim that he didn’t know Oswald and the absence of any concrete link between the two men was trusted until it was discovered that Bannister’s office at 531 Lafayette Street had two entrances and a second address on the other side of the building. The address??? 544 Camp Street. Some reguard this as the missing link between the two men and others argue that the two addresses aren’t even connected to the same office. I went down there to check it out and couldn’t get in the building so I have no idea. If anyone has been in there, or has figured out that whole Kennedy assassination thing, let me know.

Anyway…a little put out from not having solved the murder mystery, I put my white powder and magnifying glass away and wandered the other direction towards the French Quarter. Ducking into the Louisianna Music Factory, I wasted the next hour digging through the used compact disc section. This search was highlighted by the discovery of XTC’s “Drums and Wires” and a Patsy Cline compilation each for $2.99. I also purchased the Grateful Dead’s “Shakedown Street,” “Chocolate and Cheese,” by Ween, and a pair of Elvis compilations.

As for the show, it was a super fun Tuesday night in New Orleans. With Sunday night marking the end of Jazz Fest and Monday being Cinco De Mayo, I was curious to see if anyone had enough stamina to make it out to One-Eyed Jacks for the Whigs show. Following the Dead Trees and What Made Milwaukee Famous, Joel Atwill warmed up the surprisingly solid crowd with some stand-up comedy. The girls loved his performance and were surprisingly naked. The Whigs decided not to play music and to paint their portraits instead.

The club was cool with us not playing and informed us that if it was ok with us, they would much rather have “Escobar and the Umbrella Hat Soul Train” play the show instead. We agreed and Escobar delivered a riveting performance which included “Sing Into the Walkman Like It’s a Microphone” and “Stare at the Bible and Grind Your Teeth,” before launching into an encore of “Put Your Hands in the Air and Drool On Yourself.” All in all a great show.

(Sing Into the Walkman Like It’s A Microphone)

(Stare At the Bible and Grind Your Teeth)

(Put Your Hands In the Air and Drool On Yourself)

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