Dallas Austin

Friday didn’t birth many photographs. CNN did a story on vinyl and used “Mission Control” as an example which was wierd / awesome. Check it out by clicking HERE. Anyway, we had a great show in Dallas at the place pictured above. The club was oddly CLEAN and the staff couldn’t have been nicer and more hospitable to the bands. After the show, we went to a party and found slumber in our van which was parked in the apartment complex’s parking garage.

After a poor night’s sleep, we arrived Saturday at Austin’s Antone’s a bit delirious. At the time, I thought my zombie brain was making me think the door to the dressing room was abmnormally small. Looking back at these photos, I guess it actually was…

Anyway, brains officially dead, we set up our equipment for soundcheck only to realize that we had left all of Julian’s drums in Dallas except one…

Luckily a local gas station was having a TOOL SALE where we purchased the human tool known as Joel for $4.97. We took him to dinner with us at Austin’s Maudie’s where he convinced us to let him open the night’s ROCK show with his “comedy” routine. We were ultimately very glad that this happened as Joel proceded to fill the bellies the 600 patrons packed into Austin’s Antone’s with laughter. THE PLACE WAS GOING CRAZY!!! People were literally FALLING ON THE GROUND clutching their sides as laughter roared through their lungs almost drowning out Joel’s jokes.

Austin is one of our favorite cities and we really appreciated the crowd who was exceptionally hospitable to us. Hopefully we will be back there soon. ROCK!!!

ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah….. don’t eat these burritos.

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