Go Spurs!!! Sand And Tony-O (May 8th)

We woke up Thursday morning looking for edible objects to stick in our stomachs. On the heels of our double Waffle House day, we set out on a quest for vegetables and landed at the Oakridge Restaraunt just outside San Antonio. A quick look at the menu resulted in all four of us climbing into the all you can eat buffet line along with elderly patrons who found themselves pitted against the buffet food in a fierce race for expiration.

Following lunch we made a gasoline stop and I stumbled upon a truly troubling sight in the parking lot. These things (pictured below) are plastic coat hangers which hold up rubber horse looking objects with rope. After standing in front of these things and snapping an unusually large amount of photos, I realized that no amount of time given to staring at these freaky rubber horses could shed any light on what their function was. Perplexed, I bought a cowboy hat and got back in the van to start driving.

San Antonio’s White Rabbit is a killer club with sweet art lining its outside walls. Check it…

Anyway, we’ve been on tour and will be on tour for the next little while with the Dead Trees from Portland Oregon. I couldn’t recommend a young band any higher. The sounds they make will enter your ears if you go to http://www.myspace.com/thedeadtrees . Their debut recording is the Fort Music EP which features the hot jams “Shelter, “Television,” and “Second Hand Drugs.” It / they dominate.

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