Grand Grand Canyon

We were about an hour from Flagstaff when the show’s promoter called to inform us that the night’s show had been canceled. Caught off guard with a free day, we weighed our options and decided to make the trek to Las Vegas and make stops at the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam along the way. The fees for seeing the Canyon are measured per vehicle, not per person, thus we combined forces with the Dead Trees and headed towards one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

The Grand Canyon is absolutely unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Weighing it against experiences seeing monumental buildings, gigantic waterfalls, etc., one usually finds themselves seeing the “best” of something that they’ve already seen many of. A canyon virgin, I found the Grand Canyon’s uniqueness in its intrinsic self before factoring in the immense dimensions that distinguish it.

Stopping in a gas station on our way out of the national park, Julian found this gem beneath the three years of dust the clerk said it must have gathered during its Exxon residency. A brief haggling session ensued before the cap ownership was transfered to Julian for $2 instead of $6.99.

We decided to make it all the way to Las Vegas and began a middle of the night trek through the desert with the moonlight as
our guide.

Our eyes dulled by the desolate desert, the Hoover Dam looked like alien headquarters when we drove over it early in the morning. One of the seven industrial wonders of the world (and our second wonder of the world viewing that day), I found it to be a scary embarrassment of the brain power inadequacy I possess when compared to whoever figured this thing out in 1935. Check out where the aliens live…

All in all, a pretty awesome day and Vegas was on the way…

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