Sorry, I’ve been stinking on blog updates the past few days… but….. WE ARE BACK BABY!!! Yes, we made it to Vegas and I’ve been brain dead for a few days and void of Blog Update spirit. But that all has changed. We arrived in Vegas and immediately were greeted by an intoxicated city representative seen below who insisted that we, “Help a Bitch Out!!!” over and over until she took the next two photos of us to earn her compensation…

After funding the lady’s drug habit or gambling problem we headed to the casino to work on developing gambling problems of our own. Julian decided to test out the slot machine where after pulling the lever for quite some time he decided to get out while he was ahead. It was hard to pull him away, but we convinced him and he was rewarded with a nice cash-out from Caesar’s Palace.

Joel and I ripped some roulette which paid for the rest of my three days of fun in Vegas while Joel faired differently. Disgusted at himself and truly angry at the city of Las Vegas despite being there less than an hour, I tried to snap his photo but he wasn’t in the mood.

…. his mood didn’t improve despite the extravagant sights found in Caesar’s…

So after gambling we decided to see a show in Caesar’s which turned out to be a time warp concert featuring Elton John in the early 80’s. I got right up front and captured this image of him and Elton returned the favor by photographing us with these patient Romans.

Returning from the Casinos we slipped into the night’s venue which was the Beauty Bar. One of my fav places we’ve encountered this tour, it is an old salon converted into a rock club. Bands play outside in the alley which was became a source of great anxiety for me as I became increasingly worried that our gear would get mauled by rain. I asked the club owner what we should do in the event of a persperating sky and he reminded me that, “we are in the middle of the desert… it doesn’t rain in the desert.” Point taken.

We stayed for three days in Vegas and enjoyed ourselves immensely. If anyone is going to Vegas in the near future… YOU HAVE TO SEE “LOVE.” It is a Cirque du Soleil production corresponding to the Beatles “Love” album which was put together by George Martin and his son. It is worth your dollar bills. I’m going to get back on the regular update train with this blog. ROCK!!!

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