May 7, 2008

Today was the first of four shows in Texas and it quickly became a gigantic blur except for the two meals at Waffle House which bookended our day. Pulling into Houston, we loaded in for a quick sound check at the venue before our in-store performance at Cactus Music. The store boasted a well equipped PA system and a nice stage for us to play on in addition to the FREE beer for shoppers during the show. In our attempt to adapt to Texas / not get the police called on us (threatened at a previous in-store for playing TOO LOUD) we played soft versions of “Mission Control” songs highlighted by Tim on slide guitar. If I was a better “blogger,” I’d have photos of this….. but I forgot.

Arriving back at the venue, we were all starving and had little time before the Dead Trees kicked off the show. Luckily Matt, our new tour manager / sound engineer proved his worth to us by finding this grill amongst the club’s garbage. We thought about using it to grill some burgers before figuring:

1. we didn’t have any burger meat
2. we didn’t have gas for the grill
3. we might lose our lives eating anything off that particular grill

Noah (drummer) from the Dead Trees (pictured below with Michael [singer] from What Made Milwaukee Famous) went across the street for some Chinese which to me seemed equally as risky as eating off a grill found in a dumpster.

So anyway, we ended up back at Waffle House after the show considering it was the only place open for dinner at 2:12 AM. The show was a fun one with an unexpectedly large crowd considering it was our first trip to Houston. Our buddies Colour Revolt from Oxford, Mississippi played up the street with the Breeders and added to the fun by coming by to high five us / have fun after the show. I reminisced about these good times while staring down my prey in the nearby refrigerator.

As the cook brought heat to the bacon strips, I took the time to think about what being the “World’s Leading Server of T-Bone Steaks” entailed. I wonder who the man is keeping track of such rankings, and if this man and such rankings actually exist, how Waffle House could possibly be its champion.

Oh well. Maybe this note our waitress gave us will help clear it up for you…

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