Bakersfield, California is an odd area. We played the “Back Room” which is a small club attached to the “Dome,” an old, circular room which once (and still) hosts fights. The aggression from this room spills over into the smaller room where most of the shows are¬†ones like these.¬†Anyway, once inside the club, the first door I saw was the one pictured above which led to the one pictured below…

We were PSYCHED!!!!!! The staff was actually one of the most hospitable we’ve encountered yet on tour and the 4 people we met were PUMPED that we were in town. Despite these four being the only people at the show, this was all the excuse we needed to ROCK OUT as we thrashed to the enthusiastic few who welcomed us to their town. It was also a great time to debut a new jam which we ripped.

The show was a fun one and we found true California rewards in the shape (and taste) of burritos on the bar after the show. No offense to the “Back Room,” but we were all a bit frightened for our lives by the burritos which turned out to be both tasty and delightful.

Tour manager and sound specialist Matt was tempted by the tortilla wrapped, south of the border sensation but instead chose to prowl the highway in search of other edible fun.

…don’t worry Arby’s, we won’t.

ANYWAY……………………… I figured the Santa Barbara Bowl sounded like a venue upgrade from the Back Room but didn’t realize to what extent until we landed the Chevy in this JOINT…

Erected in 1936, the natural amphitheater has hosted Neil Young, Bob Marley,, The Grateful Dead, and Radiohead along with countless other shredders through the years. Today it would let the Whigs jump onstage along with Pennywise and the Offspring for the 92.9 KjEE Summer Rock Show.

My brother man has lived in San Luis Obispo, California for the past few years and recently moved to San Diego which is a few hours from Santa Barbara. My parents spent the week there visiting my bro before riding up with him to spend the day watching their youngest, and ultimately vasectomy inducing, son rock loudly along with someone else’s Offspring. WOW.

In addition to writing 90’s monster anthems, Dexter Holland of the Offspring is apparently a hot sauce enthusiast and graciously hooked us up with a large box of his latest concoction. So far it is 2 for 2 after being thrown on back to back meals of pizza and a bean burrito. Well done Dexter.

Pictured above is local Bakersfield opening act Ghost Dance who might (stay posted) change their name to the Pennyroyalties..

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