Sasquatch! Music Festival has been held annually since 2002 in George, Washington at the Gorge Ampitheatre on the Columbia River. When we found out that we had been invited to perform at the festival some months ago, we were truly flattered / FIRED UP to get to play one of the world’s most scenic venues along with the INSANE lineup this year’s festival boasted. Upon entering the festival gates, we met up with Athens compadres Dead Confederate and spent some time admiring the many vista points of both gorge and stage.

Ganders complete, we slipped into a vineyard (the reason Dr. Vince and Carol Bryan originally purchased the land for back in the early 80’s) for an interview before heading back to see Dead Confederate nuke faces on the Wookie Stage.

When we got onstage to play, I realized I could see out over the crowd and down onto the Gorge as we played. Between the view and the crowd (who were amazing) it was impossible not to have a great time playing the set. Moreover, the crowd cheers when they found out it was my birthday were amazing. It was my birthday by the way and we celebrated by shredding the batting cage after our set…

Tim at the plate, Julian on deck, Matt in the hole, Parker in the ___________

I’d like to take a moment to toot our own horn as we put on quite the hitting display for musicians. Matt (below) could have this photo on a Donruss card.

I ripped from the right side…

… and then switch bitch slapped some from the left side…

People were so impressed by our hitting that they flocked to the autograph line and mobbed Julian while I tried to fight them off with my TPX…

Sky darkening, we alternated time between Modest Mouse, the Breeders, and finally capped it all of with R.E.M destroying the place. Holy crap they are unreal.

All this left us quite hungry and lucky enough for us we had a late-show engagement DJing at the Denny’s tent late night. Not really a dance party crowd, we made sure of it with some hot Tobe Keith and Lionel Cartwright’s “Leap of Faith” at half speed. ROCK!!!!!!

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