Thursday (May 1) = West Palm Beach Sunfest

I realized that playing a show in West Palm Beach meant that we would be close to the ocean. What I didn’t realize was that the stage we played on would be about 7 yards from the salty beast. Our 10 hour, 614 mile trek from Athens was all worthwhile after we pulled in and checked out the facility which came equipped with an RV dressing room.

The RV provided some comfort to the wound left by being scheduled on the day in between Sheryl Crow / George Clinton (Wednesday) and Fergi / Little Feat / Hot Tuna (Friday). As we loaded onto the stage, we were informed that there were already drums, amplifiers, etc. that we were instructed to play in the interest of “time.” In the interest of “sounding good” we had a long talk with the stage managers who eventually gave in to our request of using our own equipment.

Eventually people sat in these seats and the sun cannon-balled into the horizon in time for us to get onstage and ROCK. Setting up our own equipment was quicker than using the already existing gear (as we thought) and we were onstage and set-up with ten minutes to spare. The crew agreed that we could use the extra time to extend our set so we got to play to the good people of South Florida for longer than origionally planned. Being the first show of the tour, we were super excited to be back in our onstage home and ended up playing extra hard. Tim got a bit too excited over the course of the set and continuously beat his bass guitar into his hip until he left himself with an actual wound that even the RV could not mend…

We loaded the van and took a quick moment of relaxation to watch festival headliner Good Charlotte. Two of the dudes were complimentary of the Whig set and super nice guys. Julian took a few minutes out of his tour managing errand running to watch from side stage.

Our stomachs empty and a 16 hour (985 mile) jaunt ahead of us, the 24 hour Burger King reluctantly became our late-night dinner choice. Not having been in a Burger King in quite a while, I got back in the swing of things by being introduced to Joe (pictured below). We didn’t talk this go around, but I’m sure there will be a late night driving shift where Joe and I will get to know each other better. As for my level of awake, it was enough to politely walk away from this brown machine.

As tired as we were, the night still held one more surprise for us. Apparently scoring 24 points and dishing out 5 assists while leading the Detroit Pistons to the second round of the NBA playoffs wasn’t enough action for Pistons guard Richard Hamilton on this Thursday night. He somehow hopped on a plane and made it to the West Palm Beach Burger King less than an hour after their victory. What a badass.

If anyone knows what this means, please let me know…

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