We’re All Stuck Out in the Desert…and we’re Gonna Die

Last time we were in Los Angeles we loaded out of the club at 2 AM and drove 23 hours non-stop to Austin via Highway 10. This go around, we are making stops in Phoenix, Flagstaff, and Las Vegas on our way to the Pacific coast. Luckily, the drive enables us to experience the abyss which is west Texas as we chase the sprawling spool of yarn which is Highway 10. Considering the amount of time we spend driving around the United States, I feel safe in saying that there is NO drive like this in America.

We took a breather at the Western Factory Outlet and purchased “authentic” cowboy blue jeans. Almost immediately after putting the pants on, we ACTUALLY BECAME COWBOYS and found ourselves barreling down Highway 10 with a herd of new friends behind us.

After a lengthy and scenic drive, we pulled over and threw the football on the side of the road while we watched the sunset. It truly baffles me that millions of people fight to pay loads of money for space in congested, dirty parts of the United States while places like this remain untouched. Oh well.

Soon enough, we started seeing signs of civilization and began getting PUMPED for the night’s show. Pulling into a gas station, we sifted through their ridiculously overpriced nicknacks before finding this delightful fake pet dog which can be yours for $449.00. Seriously??? Yes, they were serious.

Tuesday night’s show was held at a modified art space in a cool area of Phoenix. The vibe was perfect but the PA wasn’t the best so we had to play the keyboard through our bass amp instead of the PA. This worked fine until the bass amp suddenly blew up in the middle of our set. We carried on with borrowed gear and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly thanks to the fun and attentive crowd. Phoenix ROCKS.

Now that I’m doing the blog, I’m starting to realize how many of these nights end with us eating garbage. Lucky for us, “Garbage” does not apply to In N Out Burger and we ripped it.

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