Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego, which of course in German means a whale’s vagina.

On our way down to San Diego we stopped at a gas station for a bathroom break. How disgusting is it when a gas station employee hands you a bathroom key that they’ve attached to something??? Everyone who pees in the corresponding men’s room has touched their member and then touched the bathroom key that you are now holding. Barf.

Sunday’s rock show in San Diego was held at a local football field and featured the Hold Steady, Cold War Kids, Ting Tings, MGMT, and the Whigs. Keeping with the football theme, our old buddy Billy Bennett who engineered our first album, currently sound engineers for MGMT, and is the SEC’s all-time leading scorer in football had a ball set up for a kick-off which he performed to a screaming audience during the final song of MGMT’s set. I had the video camera all set up for the kick but somehow ended up taking a still photo instead of a video. Craig McQuiston apparently got a video and when I see him next I’ll snag it and put it up on here. ROCK!

Craig, pictured below, is the former bass player for the Glands and the Tom Collins. He wrote bass lines for “I Never Want To Go Home,” “1,000 Wives,” and “I Got Ideas” on Mission Control. He is a bad ass dude and currently tour manages the Hold Steady.

My brother man just moved to San Diego from San Luis Obispo. He’s on the right side wearing the first Whigs T-shirt and talking to James from MGMT.

After the show we began the 22 hour trek to San Diego with our first stop being the Space Age Lodge. After driving through the desert all night we boarded this flying saucer and checked in at the front desk which was modeled after alien aircraft. The hotel’s receptionist donned a purple and green alien mask (which I thought to be a little much) while she checked us into room 1313 resulting in alien nightmares for both Julian and I. The cafe was “out of this world” and served “Dip and Dots” which has been the “Ice Cream of the Future” for over 20 years.

Does anyone know that we are here? Are we Inn Area 51???

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Cracker Barrel and was ECSTATIC when I saw one after spending over a month out of its jurisdiction on the west coast…. but is this sign serious??? It offends me so much that it took me two years of touring to make peace and realize their food dominates. Do they really need to hang a sign to say that they treat everyone the same regardless of race, color, disability, or natural origin??? Isn’t that standard protocol in 2008? Apparently not, and Cracker Barrel does so only “In the spirit of pleasing people” rather than because its the right thing to do. If their chicken fried chicken and vegetables weren’t so good I’d never step foot in this out-dated artery clogger.

Matt had never been to Cracker Barrel and he shredded with chicken fried steak on his inaugural visit. I shoved 34 biscuits down my throat before purchasing an electronic parrot which repeats anything said to it. Needless to say, this parrot made the metamorphous from fun to incomprehensibly annoying rather quickly and now resides in a box somewhere in the back of our van. I hate how much I enjoy the Cracker Barrel.

Still driving towards Oklahoma…………………………………..

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