Go Dodgers / Menels

Before making our San Luis Obispo ascent, we had a free day in Los Angeles which we began at our favorite LA breakfast spot, the 101 Coffee Shop.

In the past few days I had been from Washington to Utah to Colorado to Tennessee (I flew out for a friend’s wedding) and then found myself in Los Angeles. If there was any confusion as to where I had now landed, the advertisement for toe length equalling surgery made me feel back at home in Hollywood.

After breakfast we ripped into Amoeba Records which came complete with a Quentin Tarantino sighting in the DVD section.

John Lennon… who is this guy???? I hear he is actually quite good and it is about time somebody recognizes his talents. Thank God he finally getting the recognition he deserves via Guitar Center who in 1998 immortalized him on their prestigious “Rockwalk.” Thanks Guitar Center.

AAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNYWAY, it was time for an NL West showdown between the Colorado Rockies and Los Angeles Dodgers. We bought seats in the outfield along with hot dogs and peanuts before Joel completed the purchasing experience by falling for a gimmick helmet.

The advent of Joel’s helmet purchase has shut the door on his previous stylistic endeavors and launched him head first into his Gary Carter look alike era…

Looks good doesn’t it???

As night greedily took over Dodger Stadium, fans began to turn their attention away from the Dodgers massacre of the Rockies and towards one Colorado player in general. Poor Rocky center fielder Willie Tavares silently absorbed the words of section 103 while the fans continually violated spectator regulations 2 through 4.

After a rousing rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” by the firecracker above (her debut album will be released July 21 on Geffen Records), we headed over to Echo Park to hang out with former tour mates and buddies the Broken West. Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet Broken West bass player Brian Whelan…

San Luis Obispo was where the evening’s show was to take place. We rocked LA’s “The Griddle” before our departure and I spent the next few van hours being weighed down by the serving of blueberry pancakes which was a bit larger than I had expected…

The show at San Luis Obispo’s Downtown Brew was tremendously fun thanks to the youngsters who supported us with their dancing and positive vibe. Thanks boy dudes and girl dudes of San Luis.

Can I pee in here?????

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