I Love This Bar

Ever since a Toby Keith Greatest Hits 2 influenced Wikipedia session informed us of the Toby owned “I Love This Bar and Grill” location in Oklahoma City, we have been PUMPED. This, ladies and gentlemen, is our Graceland.

Toby is rumored to be a lunatic Oklahoma Sooners football fan and these upside-down antlers ornamenting the grand entranceway reference Mr. Keith’s animosity towards the Sooner rival Texas Longhorns.

Imagine our surprise when as we admired the “hanging desert bike” Toby’s ACTUAL tour bus came bursting through the wall!!!


Unable to capitalize on Toby’s generosity without enlistment, I ripped meat along with “Freedom Fries” and “Cowboy Caviar.”

I Love This Bar and Grill’s Men’s restroom comes complete with this cowgirl eroticism found inside the appropriately marked bathroom doors…

But don’t worry ladies, I’m sure there’s a good chance of hot Toby Trophies existing behind “Whisky Girl” walls.

I silently raised my Coors Light in Toby’s honor and devoured my surprisingly delicious meal while rocking out to Toby anthems along with the good folk of Oklahoma City.


I tried to upload a video of Toby Keith’s chicken rotisserie but it’s taking too long on my crap van internet.

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