Lloyd Christmas + Mary Swanson = Mary Christmas

Ripping down the road in pursuit of food for future digestion, we stumbled upon Baker City’s Sumpter Junction. This place features jams such as the “Pastrami Nightmare” (which Matt ordered) as well as “Refried Beans in a Taco Shell Bowl” (which Joel ordered) all set to the soft, monotonous hum of toy trains ceaselessly carrying imaginary small people and goods around the restaurant. We hit this gem once before on a Whigs tour and again it delivered for us.


OH, OH, I see…

OK, anyway… so gas is getting absurdly expensive everywhere, but out here in the west, it is abnormally ridiculous. After paying the insulting number seen below, I began to ponder the following:

1. why gas per gallon is priced down to the thousandth of a cent
2. who allows this information to factor into their fuel purchase

Aspen’s Belly Up greeted the Whigs warmly with a giant poster and we were thrilled to find ourselves inside one of the nicest clubs thus far on tour.

While we sound-checked, Joel began assembling the barrage of jokes he would later hurl in the general direction of the Belly Up’s patrons.

Backstage, we began to get excited about the surprisingly solid crowd that had made their way into the club despite our May date not being in ski season. Being warned about the high altitudes we were now experiencing, we were instructed to watch our alcohol intake and to pace our aggressiveness onstage. This advice went largely ignored and I found myself making use of the backstage oxygen tank…

Following the show, we decided to celebrate our previous couple weeks with tour mates the Dead Trees. We found an open place to drink beers before quickly discovering that Aspen possesses an abundance of testosterone filled, sexually frustrated males whose inabilities to woo beautiful ski bunnies translates into reasserting their masculinity through misdirected hostility towards other dudes who they see as competition for the aforementioned bunnies. After identifying the employees of a nearby pizza / beer joint as such dudes, we became unfazed by their yelling at us and reflected their hostility back into them until they inexplicability tried to make friends with us by giving us boxes of FREE PIZZA!!!!

Making good use of their gifts, we launched pizza frisbees around Aspen. I held strong in the pocket while this one rushed me from the other side of the lense… Nice follow through Matt….

One final show in Colorado before heading back to California, Matt got on the mic to announce that tonight’s show would not play host to any FUN or general HAPPINESS of ANYKIND!!!!! This announcement didn’t resonate with the Boulder crowd who welcomed us to their town with rock dancing and warm yells / applause. The show was a great time with my personal highlight being Julian’s flung drumstick which somehow stuck in the stage curtain.

We are now on our way to San Luis Obispo for another week of shows in the California sunshine. I leave you with a photo of the “Joel Sandwich.” If anyone else knows of a human being that ingests jalapeno only sandwiches multiple times a week, please contact us.

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