July 13th Dublin, Ireland Land & MGMT Madness

Currently I am hanging out in Columbus, Ohio where we play rock tomorrow night. The week of shows in the midwest was capped off by a Friday night show in Chicago, a Saturday festival show at Philadelphia’s Download Fest, and then an early morning Sunday return to Chicago for a 1:15 appearance at Lollapalooza. In the meantime, I’m going through photos of our European trek and posting them on this here internet clogging blog. I am also going backwards through the trip, so I started with Japan and now bring you to Dublin, Ireland where our overseas tour manager Dave is once again behind the wheel of the ship which is steering us into the Oxygen Festival. This was an insane day.

Above and below are photos of our journey from Scotland to Ireland. Julian is smartly recognizing the majestic sunshine reflections in the water while I seem to be playing minesweeper.

Our show was super early in the day which allowed us time to engage in other activities such as speaking to Amnesty International and 2FM.

Today belonged to MGMT. Watch out for Beno……………


Driving over to the stage, nobody was prepared for the lurking insanity. Matt = calm and collected…

James + Tim = chillin…

And then THIS HAPPENED… and it was cosmic. As the dudes began playing the crowd immediately began FREAKING OUT. It was very clear that they had been waiting for this show for quite some time and the first few songs of the set were hard to distinguish amongst the thousands of singing along fans who had packed themselves to the tent’s capacity. As more and more people attempted to join the ruckus in the tent, people began climbing the tent supports in hopes of a better vantage point…

As things got more and more out of hand, the crowd began to get so unruly that MGMT had to be taken off stage to calm the crowd down. This girl decided to simply climb through the roof of the 200 foot tent ignoring the “please don’t jump” chant that chased her. I took this video while the concert remained shut down for about 15 minutes. I have / may never see anything like this again. Absolutely surreal.

Anyway, today was fun. We jumped around watching rock and waited patiently for Rage Against the Machine who put on one of the best shows I’ve seen this year. ROCK!!!!!

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