July 24th : Fuji Rock(s)

So before we left Tokyo, our morning stroll brought us by a Sega store / headquarters??? They had all sorts of games including one where you pay for food or beverage that you may or may not receive. Seriously. For example, you could pay $3 for a can of Pringles and then see if you could “win” them in the claw game. Personally, I am in favor of actually acquiring items I pay for but we gave it a shot anyway…

Anyway… we arrived at the festival site Thursday and were pleased to realize that the artist lodgings are what usually is the ski resort during times of mass snow. This was not the case in the 90 degree heat and we gratefully accepted our home for the weekend. Other, more hardcore folks, took to camping even though the festival was still a day away and I admired their dedication from our window.

This is our toilet which came complete with an electronic bidet. I wish I had one handy when I saw the large number of folks ready to watch rock at our stage…

Pictured below amongst the Fuji Rock video crew in the blue shirt and hat is our Japanese label rep Shin. He = the man and sported a Drive By Truckers T-shirt to get us pumped for our performance.

Needless to say, we were psyched to rock. I also learned that Psycho Deska means, “you feeling good?” in Japanese. Or at least I thought something close to that meant “you feeling good?” Either I was misled or my pronunciation was less than brilliant because the only response I received was bunch of confused Japanese people silently staring at me.

I sought their forgiveness by rocking with them on the “island.” They received our set enthusiastically and fun was had by all.

Following the rock show it was autograph time and we gratefully high fived and communicated poorly with our new friends.

I ripped my usual print signature while this fan threatened to eat my guitar pick.

Speaking of ladies, there were plenty of beauties on site at the festival. Julian was lucky enough to have one write her name on his hand. At least we think she wrote her name on his hand. On second thought, she probably wrote that our show stunk and that we are idiots for letting her write it on our bodies. Oh well.

After the sign sesh we met up with radio jocks who invited us to play a song live on the air. This meant using their instruments which were highlighted by Tim’s fretless bass overshadowing Julian’s bongos.

These kids watched the radio interview that followed our acoustic performance. We thanked them for watching us talk and gathered them for a group photo…

Our personal highlight as fans was a tie between watching Spoon and getting our ears shredded by My Bloody Valentine. Watching a professional rock band such as Spoon is certainly an educational experience. They are top notch.

In other news, the guy pictured below is our seemingly exhausted manager man Josh Rifkind. JAPAN ROCKS!!!! HAVE US BACK!!!!!!

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