A Hummer Invades Victoria, BC. / Seattle, WA. / Portland, OR.

See that ridiculous white Hummer? We needed a rental car for our few days in the northwest (& southwest Canada) and the shmos at Hertz messed up our reservation. Instead of a normal, gas price fearing car, the people at Hertz stuck us in the most embarrassing ride on the ever warming planet. Needless to say, we felt like giant d-bags as we were forced to unload equipment at Rifflandia, Bumbershoot, and Music Fest Northwest in this atrocity.

Hummer aboard, we took a ferry to Victoria, Brittish Columbia.

The Rifflandia Music Festival took place in Victoria, BC. We were fortunate to share the stage with Vancouver’s Black Mountain who put on one of my favorite performances of the year. Victoria’s Alix Goolden Hall was a fitting setting for Black Mountain’s jams which came in bunches of beautifully haunting dirty grooves.

By the way…. does anyone else find “Honey Bucket” to be a disgusting name for a portable commode? Personally I try to block out the continually rising bowl of golden excrement when I step into these things. As for the title of the cigarette disposal contraption below, I have no comment.

Seattle’s Bumbershoot Festival was up next. As a teenager I wore out bootlegs of my favorite northwest bands performances at this festival and was honored to have the opportunity to play it in 2008. ROCK! I’ll have a Big MAC!

K.E.X.P is a super supportive station for lesser known bands and we were privileged to perform a set which was broadcast live in front of a studio audience. YE-AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

Our Bumbershoot set took place on a gorgeous early Sunday evening beneath the space needle. We were officially in Seattle.

After devastating our stomachs with goodness at the Poodle Dog, we arrived the following afternoon at Portland’s Ace Hotel.

Unfortunately for my wallet, the Ace Hotel is located approximately 100 yards from Powell’s Books which is the largest independent new and used bookstore in the WORLD. Holy crap. To make matters worse (or better), the CD store powerhouse Everyday Music has a location a few blocks up from Powell’s.

Much like a model seen in magazines, no one actually expects food to resemble its menu photo. That being the case, Gyros King delivers the always consistently stunning Heidi Klum of gyros.

Our buddies the Dead Trees reside in Portland and it was terrific to share our Gyro experience with rock singer Mike and bass master Todd. The fish below is way to large to be kept in a Thai restaurant fish tank….

Julian and Tim capitalized on the manual transportation and helmets provided by the Ace Hotel,

Dead Tree drum abuser Noah and Tim

This also happened…(check out the checking in / elevator boarding in the above photo)…

Also, a big congratulations to Telecaster massager Matt of the Dead Trees on his 23rd BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! He treated us to a blistering karaoke performance of Instant Karma to celebrate the occasion.

On a super random note, I’d like to close with the following story:

While in the Seattle airport we attempted to acquire a cart to assist us in our luggage transportation. When we walked over to the cart rental machine we found a man standing in front of the machine.

“Machine’s broken,” say he.

“Dang,” say we.

“You can use this one right here though if you want,” whistles the nervous 50 year old birdman.

“Thanks, but isn’t that one yours?”

“Its fine, and I have change for your five.”

“Well cool, thanks,” we say as we pay the normal $3 for the cart and put our junk on it.

What a nice guy I reminisced as I walked through the airport a few minutes later with my cart. As I walked, I saw the man outside grabbing a cart from the curb after a couple loaded their things into a cab.

We ladies and gentlemen, had been had.

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