Livin La Vida Loca in Las Vegas

Another drive through the desert and back we were in Las Vegas. The evening’s show took place in the Hard Rock Cafe Casino where we performed alongside our tourmates Tokyo Police Club.

Amongst the evening’s many highlights was the meal we shared with the Hard Rock employees. There are many fun things to do in Las Vegas… eating Vegas food isn’t one of these things.

When it comes to dining, it seems the “All You Can Eat” buffet is the preferred Vegas format. Taking advantage of the myriad of options, Julian arranged the following plate of delights…

Cereal, sushi, a hot dog, potatoes, carrots, a rib, and pasta!!!!! A delicious assortment of treats! When choosing paints for one’s palette, one must choose colors that will work well together. If the desired colors aren’t found on the palette, one can always mix paints on the palette. This is true for palettes and not for a palate as seen below…

I wonder if Steve Jones or any other of the Sex Pistols spilled ketchup in their cereal when they played the Hard Rock Cafe in Vegas?????

Anyway, our show was a fun time but we were ready to take off!!! Luckily for us, Matt Sornum from Guns ‘N Roses had left his motorcycle near the slot machines…

The ordinary man formerly known as Matt was transformed into a being worthy of Sornum’s cycle via his purchase of these camoflouge-goggles which aided him after he stole the motorcylce and ripped it through the desert and towards Costa Mesa.

Obviously we couldn’t keep up with Matt once he got on the bike and we arranged a meeting spot in the middle of the desert to convene and throw the football.

RRRROOOOOOOOOOCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On a very, very, serious side note I’d like to call attention to two items found in a Nevada gas station.



And yes, I know from personal experience.

And SECOND: Yes, that is a $30 price tag on the crappy paper printout of a truck. ACT NOW!!!!!

FINALLY, let me leave you with the encounter I had with an employee the store which housed the previous two items….

“Sir!!!! Sir!!!!!!” say the attendant who wears a badge of some sort and also carries a gun of some sort on his hip.

“Yes?” say me.

“You are talking on your CELL PHONE!!!!!” says the very angry attendant.

Confused, I stare blankly back at the attendant.

“We have fireworks in the store!!! You can’t use a cell phone around them!!!!!” says this attendant guy.

Yes, that is the end of the story.

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