Norfolk, VA. / New Orleans, LA.

BEER BONG!!!!!!!!!!!! I began to get excited about the pre-show enthusiasm of our fans before discovering that these folks were actually headed to the Ratt / Warrant show a few blocks away.

Anyway, tonight’s show was at Norfolk, VA.’s Norva Theatre with the Black Keys. Their backstage amenities include saunas, hot tubs, and yes, a basketball court. OH YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Orleans, LA.

We ripped at the New Orleans club the Republic the week before the hurricane hit. After our set, the club wheeled some couches onstage and plugged up a Nintendo for us to play on a projector screen while a dance party cheered on our every Tetris….

Everything was going swimmingly until a malfunction occurred with the NES. Troops were quickly deployed to notify Nintendo master Julian that there was a problem….

This was serious.
Once everyone realized the severity of the situation, these kind ladies called on Nintendo fix skills that hadn’t been utilized since the 1980’s.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the clothing wipe (usually perfomred with a T-shirt).

Folks, the most popular and (in this case) effective restoration move… “the blow…..”

Back IN ACTION!!!!!!!!

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