Can You See the Light??????

After Vegas we were off to Costa Mesa’s Detroit Bar.

This place ripped, and we were pleased to be there along with Tokyo Police Club. Genuinely kind fellows and a fantastic band. HERE they BE….

Josh, guitar man of Tokyo Police Club.

Greg, part time stand up comedian, and drum abuser for Tokyo Police Club.

Dave, singer man / bass fisherman from Tokyo Police Club.

Also props to keyboard slayer Graham whose photo I took and cannot find. I suck.

Speaking of suck, nothing can stop a show like BEATING through a drum. Julian got a little too pumped during our Vegas show and kicked a hole in his kick drum. ROCKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sooooooooooooooooo, we made it to Los Angeles the next night to perform at the Henry Fonda Theatre.

After the show, this happened…….

No, I didn’t black out or go blind. We showed up at our hotel only to find that one of the amenities they failed to mention was their lack of power.

THANK THE DEAR LORD for this fine soldier who led us through the darkness and into our room.

Above it is explained that the hotel might not have power, but that IT DOES HAVE WIRELESS INTERNET!!!!!!!!!! Julian seems to be baffled as to how the modem could possibly (and doesn’t) work without power.

Above is our ghetto light which was soon replaced by glow sticks handed out at the front desk. Below you can check out Matt and Tim’s sickening glow stick light show which was set to Y.E.M into Down With Disease, back into Y.E.M, and then into AC/DC BAG. ROCK!!!!!!

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