New York / Kings of Leon CD Release Show

September 23rd saw the Kings of Leon release their 4th studio album “Only By The Night.” After our performance at San Diego’s Street Scene festival we hopped on an airplane to celebrate their CD release with a show at New York City’s Webster Hall. I attempted to sleep on the plane but had trouble relaxing with the knowledge that a terrorist was seated in front of me.

Giving up on sleep, I attempted to have some fun on the plane. Unfortunately, the obnoxious, snoring sloth seated to my left did not share my vision and was intent on depriving me of any in-flight pleasures.

Below you can see his mutant leg which conveniently rested against my tray, keeping it permanently fixed in the “upright position” and unable to provide support for my snack / beverages.

Not content with the inconvenience of forcing me to balance both beverage and airplane dinner on my respective knees, this bozo let his elbow sit perfectly on the T.V channel switcher and consequently I was treated to an endless stream of continuously changing television stations for 4.5 hours.


…we arrived safely in New York and began getting PUMPED for the evening’s festivities.

Arriving early for soundcheck, we watched the Kings of Leon play a few songs before they informed of us some interesting news…

Apparently unbeknownst to us, the Kings of Leon have added a new band member!!!! Tonight’s CD release show was to be his first and he was having trouble making it to the venue. Upon his arrival, I snapped a photo of Tim Deaux with the newest King of Leon….. Bernie Followill.

Bernie is a great addition to an already great band. I know that he was chosen from a handful of other candidates which included the infamous “Naked Cowboy.” Handful of butt is pictured below….

ANYYYYYYYYYYYWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, the Whigs felt a little under-prepared for the show now that they were without a new member. Luckily, Andy from ATO Records was on hand to assist the brainstorming session that ensued.

Long story short, Andy made a few phone calls and organized a parade for the newest member of the Whigs….. He is already a hit and crowd favorite for the people who turned out in massive numbers to celebrate.

Like I said, we are driving a Chevy van 2600 miles from Columbus, Ohio to our next gig in Seattle, Washington. We are bored. ROCK!!!!!!!

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