ON THE ROAD again………..

It is official. We are back in the van and on our way to Louisville, KY. for the first night of a brief U.S tour opening for Kings of Leon. The blog is also back. Our most sincere apologies to those who have emailed or tracked us down at shows to tell us their disappointment with our lack of updates. Be not disappointed for the next 10 days of this tour. We will update this thing. In other news we’ve been home for a few weeks and somehow managed to forget about our van stereo being stolen in Milwaukee. So as for now, its a very, very quiet drive up north. It is also cold. As we start driving up 75 and just north of Atlanta it is already snowing. Dear Lord.

So get excited, and get ready to wake up tomorrow in a world where Barack Obama becomes the 44th President of the United States, the Whigs are back on tour, and the Whig blog is being updated. One of those three is more important than the others.

Also… we have enabled comments on here. I didn’t realize we’ve been shutting you guys up for all this time. So… feel free to get your comments on….

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