New York, New York: 01-29-09 @ Madison Square Garden

Alrighty. We got home late Sunday night (Feb. 1st) after our run with Kings of Leon. With the thrill of the Garden fresh in our minds we went straight to writing new songs Monday morning and have been cranking them out for the past couple weeks. Now that we have a chance to reflect on the evening, I’ll start by saying I’m glad that we have these photos of the night. The surreality of the evening has yet to vanish and without these pictures I’d probably still contend that we never played there.

Parker plays goalie / Whigs load in takes place.

Sound check…

Getting PUMPED while the arena is prepared.

Show Time:

(photo from KOL soundcheck)

Holy crap. That was FUN. As amazing an experience as it was, and as happy as we were to be playing the Garden I can say that the most enjoyable part of the evening was watching Kings of Leon play a show THEY sold out a month in advance at the “World’s Most Famous Arena.” We were lucky to have been a part of it.

SIDE NOTE: Thanks to all who voted for the “Tomahawk Chop” in the Blog Poll. We used it as our walk out music at the Garden despite the Yankee / Met contingency. ROCK!

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