Mothers of a Nation

In other non-Whig news, “Mothers of a Nation” is an independant movie in the early stages of development. Check out their website HERE … and read what they have to say about it below…..

Mothers of a Nation is about a group of empowered Ugandan women living with HIV and their fight for survival through sustainable farming methods. Narrated by Florence, a 55 year old woman that has been living with the virus for over 13 years, the film weaves together 16MM footage of the women living and working as their stories of betrayal and suffering unfold, ultimately leading to voices of strength and hope. The women become invigorated by the knowledge that a diverse diet and sustainable farming practice can improve their immune systems, providing them with nutritious vegetables and herbs that were previously uncommon in most Ugandans’ diet. Their work in agriculture has strengthened many aspects of these women lives; their health through nutrition, their hearts through self worth.

Ugandan women suffer from oppression everyday in a society run by men, but their determination runs the nation, regardless of politics. Women with HIV suffer from the prejudice and isolation that comes with having the virus. Many women are kicked out of their homes and abandon by their families if they decide to come forward and get HIV tests and treatments. The only opportunity for these women to make a living is through agriculture and unity. Florence and the women of Uganda show us what it truly means to be a mother of a nation and how hard some people have to fight to merely survive.

The soil in Uganda is extremely fertile and there is regular rainfall which makes agriculture the most important sector of the economy, employing over 80% of the population and women comprise the large majority of the workforce. Women provide for the family, feed the family, and take care of everything in the family unit. Women run the nation and it begins in the field.

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