Songs For Kids Foundation

Last weekend we played “Lola” by the Kinks as part of the annual 500 Songs For Kids Foundation concert. The event takes place at Smith’s Olde Bar in Atlanta and counts down the top 500 songs of some sort. The first year it was the top 500 songs of all time according to Rolling Stone. Last year it was the top 500 “Sing Along Songs” and this year it was the top 500 “Most Passionate Songs.” Either way, 10 nights of 50 different bands playing a different song which results in 500 different bands playing 500 different songs. Our beloved manager is the mad man responsible for organizing this undertaking and he is also the founder of the Songs For Kids Foundation. A very noble cause and an admirable fellow. You can see what it’s all about in the video below…

P.S: There is also a link below for donations. ROCK!!!!

For donations:

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