after Indianapolis we played Milwaukee’s Bradley Center Saturday night. Tim’s gonna email me some photos from the show and I’ll put them up when I get them. I DID however pull my camera out to document a visit to U.S.A Pancakes in Calumet City, Illinois. We were hungry for breakfast and had the Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Athens, GA. trip staring us in the face. We decided the ultimate breakfast fuel for a drive through America was U.S.A Pancakes.

I REALLY liked there being the option of “Our Own German pancakes” under the U.S.A’s OWN PANCAKES heading. Did we forget Germany isn’t in the U.S or are we just taking there pancake from them and making it our own? Either way, it looked good.
Equally intriguing is the Idaho Potato Pancake placement underneath Pancake Internationale!!!! Man that e on the end is foreign!!!!!!!! Also foreign to my digestive system is the Apple Sauce and Sour Cream combination in any form. In the form of a pancake, it is simply a risky order. Julian and I got the #3 (pictured below) an Tim got an asparagus and swiss omelet.

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