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  In the past, a lot of people who wear glasses for myopia and always thought of them as a trouble, not only affects the appearance, but also hinder the movement, even invisible glasses have similar problems.
  But, strange to say, I was envious of people who wear glasses. At that time few people for beautiful and wearing glasses, the majority of people are for the corrected visual acuity and oakleys cheap glasses. But I found that wearing glasses and other benefits, my original idea is very simple, just think people wearing a pair of glasses is learned. Later, I also found some other functions, such as: it has small eyes, can use the glasses to hide the ugly; big eyes without God, can be used for shading glasses. Even if it is a beautiful girl, wearing a pair of glasses not only affects the appearance, but adds a bit of delicate.
  Nowadays, with the continuous improvement cheap real oakley sunglasses of living conditions, people's heart is more and more strong. Glasses from the initial single visual function is extended to increase protection, beauty and other effects of the function. Such as polarizing glasses can make people avoid interference by the chaotic reflected sunlight, night vision goggles can make people at night can see more clearly. In the cinema, you must wear a special glasses to see the stereoscopic film. With the development of science and technology, concealed travel glasses have been able to do can change eye color, so that anyone can freely cheap oakley sunglasses outlet according to their own desire to change yourself easily the most important part of.
  In the north of China, if you are in the plateau region, the light is strong, wearing a pair of glasses can protect your eyes, especially in the catch the wind and sandstorm weather, powerful and unique role that is even more glasses, so I always think that wearing glasses is good.
  Recently, I also found that glasses function cheap oakley sunglasses china can improve visual clarity, eye protection and beautification of the character, as well as other unexpected effects. For example, to hide their true thoughts. As the saying goes: the eyes are the windows of the soul. So the people were the main channel to others through the eyes, because the eyes are the soul of the through train, is the external characteristics of the parties themselves cannot be cheap oakley sunglasses australia hidden. Social experience, always by observing their eyes to judge each other subtle psychological changes, and even personality and credibility. However, if you put on a pair of glasses, even if it is a pair of reading glasses, the other is difficult to quickly and directly from your eyes get any information. In this sense, the glasses can protect your eyes, you can also protect your privacy. Because it can interfere with each other's insight, to disguise your thoughts, protect your heart.
  In a word, with the extension of the growth of the age and the function of the glasses, my understanding of the glasses is also more and more rich, glasses also is an indispensable part of my life, just to know glasses more mature view. Not because of vision problems such as glad he wears glasses. Because nothing can be putting the cart before the horse, wearing glasses, if it mens oakley sunglasses cheap is according to their own needs with wear with picking the best, but if it is forced to wear, it is a regret in life.